Monday, March 20, 2017

145 Days

We're two days out from our first potential lambing date. Looking at my notes regarding when the girls seemed interested in the ram, I have added 147 day due dates. Here are the girls today, in my best-guess order:

Claire: Within the next week (3/23).  

Ella and Daphne may also go before Myra, who was the only confirmed breeding and is due on the 31st. Ella is certain to go before, although since Daphne is a first timer, she may be bagging up prematurely and have a ways to go. Ella should be about a week out (3/29) and Daphne just before (3/28), although litter size can also change gestation length. 

Myra is due 3/31 and is showing accordingly. 

Lucy didn't seem to follow the ram at all, so her date is a complete guess. She still has a ways but seems further along than the remainder ewes. She may twin after all and be right along with Kira the first full week of April. Kira looks as if she'll be a few more weeks and my best guess is around April 6th. 

The remainder of the ewes are several weeks away. Maggie and Mary both look as if they'll twin mid-April, with Maggie potentially due around the 14th. Mary was another mystery ewe who showed no interest in the ram but was clearly bred. Doris will very clearly single and is due around the 11th.

Jeanne is again in limbo, as she was last year. I swear I saw lamb movement today, but she has no clear udder. If she lambs, she will single at the end of the season.

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